Use of technology and data can help plug NHS funding gap

Rapid advances in the use of technology and data will see the NHS improve patient care and help meet the predicted £22billion deficit in its budget.

Tim Kelsey, NHS England’s National Director for Patients and Information, told the Digital Health and Care Congress at the King’s Fund  that “technology has a hugely important role to play in delivering the health service’s productivity challenge – the shorthand for which is the £22billion”.

“I would put a health warning on some of the figures being talked about, but the use of technology and data along with new models of care could save as much as a third.”

“Our focus needs to be on how we are going to make the most of this opportunity to solving one of the greatest problems man has ever faced – caring for a growing and ageing population.”

“Since March 93% of GPs have signed up to providing online appointments, online access to records and online repeat prescriptions. They are to be applauded.

“The pace at which clinicians are grabbing hold of technological advances is incredible. The prize is an effective healthcare service for all.”

Read Tim Kelsey’s blog on unleashing the power of technology and data to improve patient care


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