Helping new nurses grow in confidence

Nurse Education in Practice  Volume 19, Pages 19–24

Feeling confident in what one is doing – and conveying that impression to other people – is an important part of being a good healthcare professional. In this study Jennifer Ortiz, from Capella University in Minnesota, looked at “how new graduate nurses accounted for their lack of professional confidence upon entry into professional practice and how it developed during their first year of practice in the hospital setting.” She interviewed 12 nurses and the following themes emerged from her conversations with them:

B0007046 Nurse, artwork
Image source: Neil Webb, Wellcome Images// CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

 Communication is huge

 Making mistakes

 Disconnect between school and practice

 Independence

 Relationship building

 Positive feedback is important

 Gaining experience


She concluded that “new graduate nurses must experience both positive and negative circumstances in order to move toward the attainment of professional confidence.”

Read the abstract of this article here.


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