Gardens and health: it’s time for health policy to bring gardens in from the cold

Buck, D. The King’s Fund Blog. Published online: 17 May 2016

By David Buck

Green space – and its link to improving the public’s health – was one of the areas included in our 2013 report on the evidence around how local authorities could make the most of their existing functions – from housing to supporting employment – to improve their citizens’ health.
Image source: Liam Quinn – Wikimedia // CC BY-SA 2.0

I admit, I started out as a bit of a sceptic when it came to the link between green space and health, thinking that the observed relationship between access to more green space and health was primarily driven – especially in urban areas – by the fact that more-wealthy people live nearer green space than less-wealthy people, and the wealthier you are, the healthier you tend to be. The evidence included in our 2013 report started to challenge my scepticism.

Image source:King’s Fund

I therefore welcomed the opportunity to explore the many and diverse relationships between gardens, gardening and health more thoroughly as part of work commissioned by the National Gardens Scheme, the findings of which are published today in an editorially independent report.

Read the full blog post here

Read the full report here


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