Hospital to Home Evaluation report

Munro, F. et al. IRISS. Published online: May 2016

hospital to home
Image source: IRISS

This evaluation concerns the final aim of the project: To develop a series of co-designed service recommendations, designed to enable older people to experience a well-supported, co-ordinated and positive pathway from hospital to home.

Using a co-evaluation approach with health and social care practitioners we evaluated how the project Working Group recommendations were used in the case study areas and the impact this had, both for those delivering the new pathways, and those receiving care.

The project recommendations were adapted and used in different ways across South Angus and Dundee with specific system changes being applied and tested. These were mainly adaptions that addressed co-ordinating care and improving communication and trust across different practitioner groups.

These included:

  • conducting multi-disciplinary team meetings in community and hospital;
  • moving some social work function and assessment into the community;
  • assigning coordinators to manage the hospital/home transitions of an older person.

Read the full report here


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