Supporting young people from care to independence

This cross-government strategy to transform support for young people leaving care has been published. It looks at how to improve services, support and advice for care leavers. It makes recommendations for local and national government, and wider sectors of society.

The report identifies three key ways in which improvements will be made in leaving care services:

Firstly, it sets out how the Innovation Programme will be used to rethink how services are delivered and what support is provided, with a strong focus on finding new and better ways of helping care leavers develop the social networks that will sustain them not just in the years immediately after leaving care, but throughout their lives.

Secondly, it sets out how the culture of corporate parenting will be strengthened , both locally – through planned legislative measures – and through changes to central government policies, so that they better respond to care leavers’ unique status and circumstances.

Finally, it sets out how local areas will be supported and challenged , so that all deliver to the standards of the best.

Full reference: Keep On Caring: Supporting Young People from Care to Independence


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