Securing meaningful choice for patients: CCG planning and improvement guide

NHS England and NHS Improvement

This guide is intended to help CCGs comply with their duty to enable patients to make choices and to promote the involvement of patients in decision about their care and treatment.

The guide sets out a number of enablers for patient choice, and actions that can be taken to deliver each of these.The enablers are as follows:

1. Patients are aware of their choices, including their legal rights, and actively seek and take up the choices available to them

2. GPs/referrers are aware of, and want to support patients in exercising, the choices available to them

3. Patients and GPs/referrers have the relevant information to help patients make choices about their care and treatment

4. Commissioners and providers build choice into their commissioning plans, contracting arrangements and provision

5. Choice is embedded in referral models, protocols and clinical pathways; 6. Assurance and enforcement.

CCGs are encouraged to self-asses against these actions and develop an improvement plan to maximise opportunities for choice.

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