Investment in new units for mums with mental ill health

NHS England is preparing to invest in three new inpatient units for mums with serious mental ill health to help them to stay with their babies.

The new Mother and Baby Units (MBUs) will be in East Anglia: Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk; the North West: Cumbria and Lancashire; and the South West: Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

The services will provide in-patient support for women and their babies with the most complex and severe needs who require hospital care who are experiencing severe mental health crisis including very serious conditions like post-partum psychosis.

Expanding capacity in mother and baby units is a key element of NHS England’s transformation programme for perinatal mental health services as part of integrated pathways of care. This covers both the creation of new units in areas with the most severe access issues, as well as reviewing capacity in existing units, with funding across the five-year period – estimated £10m in 2017/18 and £15m in 2018/19 as outlined in the Implementation Plan.

The perinatal mental health programme also supports the ambitions of the widerMaternity Transformation Programme, which seeks to deliver the vision set out in Better Births, the report of the National Maternity Review to improve maternity outcomes for women and their babies.

Read more via NHS England


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