Hidden in plain sight: the unmet mental health needs of older people

Age UK, October 2016

According to this report, the current availability of mental health services does not meet the increasingly high demand from an ageing population. It also found that over a third of mental health trusts in England have no policies for providing integrated care for people over 65 with both mental and physical health needs.  Age UK makes a number of recommendations to build on progress already made and ensure that older people’s mental health gains not only parity of esteem with physical health concerns but parity with other age.

Key recommendations

  •  Implementation of Mental Health Taskforce recommendations should include a
    work stream dedicated to meeting older people’s mental health needs. This should
    include ensuring wide use of the new CQUIN for depression in older patients.
  • Local health and care commissioners should fully understand the prevalence of
    common mental health conditions among the over 65s in their areas.
  • Each clinical commissioning group and local authority should consider appointing
    “older people’s mental health champions”
  • All services should be appropriately funded and equipped to deliver fully integrated
    care that addresses mental and physical health and comorbidity

Access the full document here


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