Is mental health crisis care in crisis?

NHS Confederation Briefing, October 2016, Issue 290

This briefing, by the Mental Health Network (MHN), explores the gap between the policy rhetoric around mental health crisis care and reporting on the ground.

Key Points

• Anecdotally, MHN members inform us that there are occasions when there are no
routine acute mental health assessment beds available across the country.
• There is concern that committed government funding for mental health is failing to reach the front line of care.
• There are further concerns that the sustainability element of STP (sustainability
and transformation plans) funding has largely been apportioned to the acute sector.
• People with a mental health problem are three times more likely to attend A&E.
• Suicide by service users under community crisis teams is increasing.
• Peak hours for mental health presentations to A&E are between 11pm and 7am.
• Good practice examples from MHN members show how local areas can operate as a whole
system to benefit individuals and the wider system of care.
• Mental health crisis care needs to be a priority area for transformation.



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