RCPCH to launch first ever quality improvement measures for children

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) have  launched a programme of work to develop a set of quality improvement measures specifically for children and young people.


Service Level Quality Improvement Measures for Acute General Paediatric Services, is the first step in a process that will see the development of a set of measures designed to support acute paediatric services following last year’s RCPCH publications of two sets of acute service standards, Facing the Future Together for Child Health and Facing the Future: Standards for Acute General Paediatric Services.

The measures will help to evaluate the impact on service using these standards and assess the impact of locally driven quality improvement initiatives. They can also be used for regular monitoring.

In a consultation that makes up part of the report, there was clear backing from paediatricians to develop outcome standards in this area. The consultation also helped to highlight the key quality improvement measures needed for further development. These include:

  • Management of acute illness by inpatient general paediatric services
  • Patient safety
  • Activity and patient flow
  • Patient and parent/carer experience
  • Staff experience

In addition to the standards, the project will also work to identify research gaps, and work towards a framework to compare the quality of care between units in the future.

Read more on the report:  Service Level Quality Improvement Measures page.

Download the full report here

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