NHS Health Check: Five examples of innovation in the UK

Around the UK, trusts are coming up with innovative ways of relieving the pressure on the NHS and improving people’s health | BBC News

  • Diverting patients from A&E – In May last year, the A&E department at Queen’s Hospital, Romford, started a six-week trial to divert patients away from the department.
  • Sending older patients home – In Glasgow, older patients have been helped to leave hospital thanks to a programme that opened 90 beds in private nursing homes.
  • Taking the hospital out into the community – In the Wirral, a community diabetes clinic is reaching patients who can’t travel or don’t want to come to hospital.
  • Using the power of art to heal – Patients visiting GPs in Rotherham are not just offered the normal array of drugs and treatment – they are given the option of exercise clubs, arts groups, metal work clubs and yoga.
  • Getting the NHS to help care homes – The council and local NHS has started working together in the London borough of Sutton to keep care home residents well.

Read the full news story here


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