CCG medicines optimisation service

The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee has published a case study on Bath and North East Somerset CCG medicines optimisation service.   


To reduce excessive prescribing BANES CCG commissioned community pharmacy to actively review their patients medication and to look for opportunities to optimise their care. The community pharmacists identified items to either not dispense or optimise and then worked with the CCG employed practice support pharmacists to make the changes permanent on a patient’s record.

In the first eight weeks of the service (18th May 2017 – 12 July 2017) the five initial pilot pharmacies have identified £15,421 of annualised savings of which £9,396 have been actioned by the surgery, with £2,498 rejected and £3,528 awaiting resolution in the surgery. Currently 120 medicines optimisation opportunities have been identified by the community pharmacies with 69 being actioned by the CCG pharmacists.

The average annual saving per actioned suggestion is £136 (£9,396 / 69).  The £30 professional fee is only paid to the community pharmacist once the change has been actioned by the surgery. The 69 approved changes resulted in £2,070 being paid in a professional fee, which represents a return on investment of 1 : 4.5 (£2,070 : £9,396). In year two, the CCG will continue to gain the benefits of these savings with no additional professional fee.

Full case study: Bath and NE Somerset CCG Medicines Optimisation Service


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