Supporting doctors to use clinical audit

Unlocking the potential: supporting doctors to use clinical audit|  Royal College of Physicians | Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership

This report aims to increase the engagement of doctors in quality improvement activity through greater accessibility to the outputs of national clinical audit.  It is intended to bridge the current disconnect between identifying what needs to be improved and the capability to actually improve in practice.

Key recommendations include:

  • Sufficient training and resources need to be put in place to support quality improvement activity.
  • Stronger educational and organisational infrastructure for trainee doctors is vital in promoting the benefits of NCA data, and in supporting doctors to use the data.
  • Doctors should be provided with enough mentoring, time and space to be allowed to access and use data to drive improvements in care.
  • Developing quality improvement skills in higher specialty trainees would benefit from combining a regional approach to quality improvement education and training, underpinned by local organisational support involving multidisciplinary teams.

Full report: Unlocking the potential: Supporting doctors to use clinical audit


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