NHS England to fast track clinical trials and improve access for patients

NHS England |May 2018 | NHS England to fast track clinical trials and improve access for patients

NHS England, working with the National Institute for Health Research, Health Research Authority and NHS Improvement, will introduce new processes to halt delays and simplify the NHS research set up process later this year.  In some instances there can be a difference of up to nine months between hospitals taking part in a multi-site trial being confirmed, which delays the start of that trial.  Streamlined and less complex research processes will enable patients to benefit  from quicker access to trials.


The new arrangements are the first part of a wider set of commitments, ‘Twelve actions to support and apply research in the NHS’ that NHS England and NIHR made in November

Professor Chris Whitty, Government chief scientific officer, said: “These proposals are a great example of how NHS England is working with the wider health and care system to tackle some of the ingrained challenges facing research today. The Department of Health and Social Care is fully supportive of these proposals and will continue to work with NHS England and other partners to make them a reality.”

All information from NHS England 


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