Evaluation of the Second Phase of the Q Initiative 2016–2020

RAND Europe| September 2018 | Independent evaluation of the Q Improvement Lab

RAND Europe has published its interim report on the evaluation of the second phase of the Q Initiative. The Q initiative is led by the Health Foundation and supported and co-funded by NHS England. It aims to connect people working in quality improvement across the healthcare system throughout the UK, to make it easier for them to share ideas, enhance their skills and thus bring about a change that benefits patients.

Image source: rand.org

RAND Europe carried out an independent, embedded evaluation of Q during its first phase from spring 2015 to January 2016 (Garrod et al. 2016). Subsequently, RAND Europe was commissioned to provide an independent evaluation of Q, starting in 2016 and reporting in early 2020. This is the interim report of that evaluation, documenting progress towards two overarching evaluation aims:

  1. To provide evidence and analysis to support strategic decision-making and inform the ongoing design and management of Q.
  2. To assess the impact that Q has, primarily on members, but also on their organisations more widely and to understand how this contributes to improvement in health and care quality across the UK (Source: RAND).

The full report will be published in 2020.


Independent Evaluation of the Q Improvement Lab 


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