Using quality improvement tools in General Practice

This case study shows how a GP practice used quality improvement tools and approaches from the General Practice Improvement Leaders programme to create a more sustainable way of working | via NHS England

A meeting between partners and the practice’s business manager at Bottreaux Surgery, South West, raised some unexpected concerns that current working levels were unsustainable. Recognising the long-term sustainability of the practice was at risk, the group decided to do something about it and started by first pinning down what they felt the issues were.

The practice used creative thinking tools from the ‘Thinking Differently’ toolkit to begin considering how they could improve their position. Firstly, using the ‘Reframing by word play’ tool, the manager worked with the GPs to draw up a statement that best described what they needed to do to achieve personal sustainability. Their statement was; To be happy and not poorly at work, to have fun at work, and to play more.

Having created their own statement, the GPs felt compelled to change the way they worked.

Full detail: “Had we not made the changes we did the practice would have struggled to survive in the long-term” 


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