Partnership working

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The NHS Confederation has published NHS Partners Network 15 Years of Concordat: reflection and renewal. This report explores how redefining the current partnership between the NHS and the independent sector in England could contribute to developing new models of care and act as a catalyst for transformation to support future NHS sustainability.

Evaluating the evidence on employee engagement and its potential benefits to NHS staff: a narrative synthesis of the literature

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

The objective of this research was to evaluate evidence and theories of employee engagement within the NHS and the general workforce to inform policy and practice. Four research questions focused on definitions and models of engagement; the evidence of links between engagement and staff morale and performance; approaches and interventions that have the greatest potential to create and embed high levels of engagement within the NHS; and the most useful tools and resources for NHS managers in order to improve engagement.

Right here, right now: people’s experiences of help, care and support during a mental health crisis

This report is based on feedback from almost 1,800 people with experience of a mental health crisis, along with local area inspections looking at how services work together, surveys of service providers and a review of national data. It found that the quality of care experienced by a person in crisis can vary greatly depending on where they are and what help they require. Many people also experienced problems getting help when they needed it, and found that healthcare professionals sometimes lack compassion and warmth when caring for people who are having a crisis.