Increasing the number of medicines related patient safety incident reports submitted to Leeds CCGs by general practices

CCGs in Leeds describe their successful programme to improve the number and quality of patient safety incident reports submitted by their 111 member GP practices.


Systems and processes to improve the reporting of medication related incidents

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

This Trust has implemented a system whereby all interventions identified by clinical pharmacists are recorded in their DATIX system along with the incidents. This system ensures sharing and learning and supports implementation of the NICE recommendations in section 1.1 of NG 5.

Eyes on Evidence: enhanced care and support at hospital discharge for older patients

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

An expert commentary is provided on two RCTs in Canada and the USA that reported enhanced care and support at discharge in addition to usual care did not reduce visits to the emergency department, hospital readmissions or deaths among older people compared with usual care.

Insights on earlier adoption of medical innovations

The aim of this study was to identify and gain insight into international examples of best practice where the use of new drugs, devices and diagnostics were already being accelerated. It explored systems across the world through which drugs, devices and diagnostics pass rapidly, identifying what works both in theory and in practice.

Food for thought: promoting healthy diets among children and young people

British Medical Association (BMA)

This report sets out the measures needed to help promote healthier diets among children and young people. It makes recommendations for the improvement of promotion of healthy behaviours including: improving knowledge and attitudes towards healthy eating; the limitation of unhealthy cues and promotion of unhealthy food and drink; and international co-operation on nutrition.