Treatment for dementia, learning from breakthroughs for other conditions


This project analysed breakthroughs in the treatment of four selected conditions of ill health and seeks to identify potentially transferable lessons for the dementia context. Using evidence review and key informant interviews the authors sought to identify the series of ‘events’ that eventually led to a given breakthrough, and the key milestones in the process that have helped improve understanding and potential for treatment.

Reference: Taylor, J. et al. Treatment for dementia: Learning from breakthroughs for other conditions. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 2015.

Healthcare professionals’ perceptions of the facilitators and barriers to implementing electronic systems for the prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines in hospitals: a systematic review

European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

Key facilitators included a perception of increased patient safety and better access to patients’ drug history while key barriers involved technical problems, changes to routine work practices and weakened interpersonal communication.

Improvements to care in the last days and hours of life

Progress report on the new approach to care in the last days and hours of life: one year on from the ‘One Chance to Get it Right’ report.

This report shows the progress organisations have made on specific commitments in the One Chance to Get it Right report, which set out actions to improve care in the last days and hours of life.

The update sets out progress made on:

  • the new Care Quality Commission inspection regime for end of life care
  • new NICE guidance
  • actions to improve education, training and research
  • professional regulation
  • the implementation of the priorities for care

Reference: One Chance to Get it Right: One Year on Report