Mental Health Prevention

The Mental Health Foundation has published Prevention Review: Landscape Paper.  This paper launches a series of reviews which examine prevention activity at different stages of the life course and pay particular attention to pressure points such as transitions and particular vulnerability and exposure to adversity associated with this life stage.


Place-based systems of care A way forward for the NHS in England

The NHS in England is facing growing financial and service pressures at a time of rising demand.  This paper from the Kings Fund proposes a new approach to tackling these challenges.
It argues that NHS organisations need to move away from a ‘fortress mentality’ whereby they act to secure their own individual interests and future, and instead establish place-based ‘systems of care’ in which they collaborate with other NHS organisations and services to address the challenges and improve the health of the populations they serve.

The paper argues that this will require the backing and support of national bodies and policy-makers, and fundamental changes to the role of commissioning in the NHS.

Read the full paper here

Is cost-related non-collection of prescriptions associated with a reduction in health? Findings from a large-scale longitudinal study of New Zealand adults

BMJ Open

Study conducted in New Zealand (n=17,363) found non-collection of prescription items because of cost was associated with a subsequent decline in health (0.11 unit worsening in self-rated health, 1.0 unit decline in physical health, and 1.69 unit decline in mental health scores).