Putting community pharmacy at the heart of the NHS


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The government wants to better integrate community pharmacy into primary care. This letter from DH and NHS England to the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee and the pharmacy sector sets out the proposals for community pharmacy in 2016 to 2017 and beyond.


Transforming end of life care in acute hospitals

NHS England has commissioned and published a revised version of Transforming end of life care in acute hospitals: The route to success ‘how to’ guide.

The first version of this guide was published in 2010, this revised guide has been led by NHS Improving Quality, with contributions from The National Council for Palliative Care, Macmillan Cancer Support and NHS Trust Development Authority. It aims to provide practical advice and support for front-line clinicians and leaders for the work required to transform end of life care in acute hospitals.

End of life Care

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) dissemination centre has published Better Endings. This is the centre’s first themed review which brings together evidence from the NIHR, focusing largely on the quality and organisation of care. The review aims to help those delivering, planning or using end of life services to ensure that the right care is delivered in the right place at the right time.


Sites chosen to pioneer new primary care approach

Fifteen ‘rapid test sites’ across England have been chosen to develop and test a new enhanced primary care approach, in line with the ambitions of the Five Year Forward View.
Almost 70 networks of GPs and health and social care staff submitted expressions of interest to pioneer the development of the primary care home model (PCH), outlining innovative ideas for transforming local health and community services.

The successful 15 were chosen by the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC), part of the NHS Confederation. The trial sites form part of NAPC’s Primary Care Home programme, which aims to strengthen and redesign primary care around the health and social needs of local communities.

Read more about the test sites and the PCH programme on the NAPC website

The NHS must tackle indemnity costs to unlock innovation

Innovative primary care services need reliable indemnity cover, but new services carry unpredictable risks which can create headaches for the indemnity organisations. Is it possible to think differently about these arrangements in the future?

Interventions to improve the appropriate use of polypharmacy in older people: a Cochrane systematic review

BMJ Open

Review of 12 studies found that interventions evaluated led to improvements in appropriate polypharmacy based on reductions in inappropriate prescribing. However, it remains unclear if they resulted in clinically significant improvements (e.g. in terms of hospital admissions).