Person-centred dementia care

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In the latest editorial of Aging & Mental Health,  Myrra Vernooij-Dassen & Esme Moniz-Cook argue that person-centred care should not only be directed at compensating for what people with dementia cannot do, but also at facilitating their interests, pleasure and use of their capacities.

Full reference :Myrra Vernooij-Dassen & Esme Moniz-Cook (2016): Personcentred dementia care: moving beyond caregiving, Aging & Mental HealthDOI: 10.1080/13607863.2016.1154017

Role of the third sector in care and support planning

A paper from National Voices suggests that the knowledge, skills, experience and resources of third sector organisations are crucial to the widespread implementation of care and support planning.

It argues that charities have a vital role in supporting people to develop care and support plans, and in working with people with long-term conditions and their clinical teams to put the plans into practice.

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Full report: What is the role of VCSE organisations in care and support planning?

Community pharmacy-delivered interventions for public health priorities: a systematic review of interventions for alcohol reduction, smoking cessation and weight management, including meta-analysis for smoking cessation

BMJ Open

Review found community pharmacy-delivered smoking cessation interventions (INs) are effective and cost effective vs. usual care, whilst weight management INs are as effective as those in other primary care settings. There is insufficient evidence on INs for alcohol reduction.

Using electronic health records professionally

Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS)

This decision tool is aimed at community pharmacists and it aims to provide guidance on accessing a patient’s electronic summary care record. It includes a decision making matrix, which covers governance requirements for accessing a patient’s summary care record, plus potential scenarios where there may be a professional clinical need to do so. These scenarios include; supplying medicines in an emergency, finding out about allergies and checking potential medicine interactions with over the counter medicines.