Improving feedback on junior doctors’ prescribing errors: mixed-methods evaluation of a quality improvement project

BMJ Quality and Safety

This study found that three linked interventions suggest improved experiences around feedback. However, attempts to produce a measurable reduction in prescribing errors are likely to need a multifaceted approach of which feedback should form part.


Sustainability and transformation plans: a major new development in commissioning health and care

by Regional Voices

July 2016 sees the deadline for the production of sustainability and transformation plans – joint plans produced by NHS providers, CCGs, local authorities, and other health and care services (including VCSE partners) for 44 ‘footprint’ geographical areas across England. These will form the basis for long term, place based planning and commissioning of services. This briefing provides more details and provides guidance on how to get involved in your area.

Trust innovates to quicken ambulance response times

HSJ. Published online: 4th April.


East Midlands Ambulance Service trust has been working with local fire and rescue services in a one-year project to improve ambulance response times.

Its Joint Ambulance Conveyance trial allows fire and rescue services to provide a primary response to medical emergencies prior to the arrival of a paramedic.

Due to the rural location in parts of Lincolnshire, ambulance services had faced challenges in responding quickly, leaving patients waiting longer than needed.

Fire responders are trained to attend emergency calls and in ambulance aid allowing patients to be reached much faster, achieving an average call-out time of two minutes.

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Midlife approaches to reduce dementia risk

Potentially up to a third of dementia cases may be attributable to potentially modifiable lifestyle risk factors.

reduce risk
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This is the fourth edition of PHE’s Health Matters, a resource for public health professionals, which brings together important facts, figures and evidence of effective interventions to tackle major public health problems.

This edition focuses on midlife approaches to reduce the risk of developing dementia, and the importance of moving away from thinking of dementia as simply an inevitable part of ageing.

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Get well soon: reimagining place-based health

This report, by the Place-Based Health Commission chaired by Lord Victor Adebowole, argues that the NHS must construct a 15 year plan to shift money out of hospitals and into investment in communities. It demonstrates that the health service in its current form is not sustainable, and sets out a new plan for shifting the system to focus on preventing illness, shorten stays in hospitals and help people live independently for longer.