King IV for Health and Social Care

The Good Governance Institute | November 2018 | King IV for Health and Social Care

King IV is an commonly used approach in South Africa as a benchmark for corporate governance. It’s predecessors, King I, II and III have served  in South Africa, and the world, for around a quarter of a century.  The Good Governance Governance Institute (GGI), believes that GI  applying the principles of the King IV approach will support NHS organisations to improve their governance arrangements and, as a result, deliver effectiveness and be able to evidence compliance with regulatory requirements. To this end, the GGI has aligned the NHS well led key lines of enquiry (KLOE) with the new King IV objectives (see publication).

King 4

King IV’s objectives are to:
• Promote corporate governance as integral to running an organisation and delivering governance outcomes such as an ethical culture, good performance, effective control and legitimacy.
• Reinforce corporate governance as a holistic and interrelated set of arrangements to be understood and implemented in an integrated manner.
• Encourage transparent and meaningful reporting to  stakeholders.
• Present corporate governance as concerned with not only structure and process, but also with an ethical consciousness and conduct.
• Broaden the acceptance of the King IV by making it accessible and fit for implementation across a variety of sectors and organisational types.

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Tackling inequalities in end of life care

Access to hospice and other forms of expert palliative and end of life care is currently inequitable. Hospice UK is working to tackle this inequality and widen access to hospice and palliative care | via Hospice UK

A recent review into end of life care in England by the Care Quality Commission found that some groups experience poorer quality care because their specific needs are not always fully understood or considered. These groups include:

  • Certain faith groups;
  • Gypsies and Travellers;
  • LGBT people;
  • People experiencing homelessness and prisoners.
care committed
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Hospice UK along with Marie Curie, Together for Short Lives and others, have produced a resource outlining work in progress to improve personalised end of life care for Gypsies and Travellers, LGBT people and people experiencing homelessness.

Offering top tips and describing simple effective approaches for success, this practical guide is intended for commissioners, service providers and those involved in caring for and supporting children, young people and adults living with advanced illness towards the end of their lives.

Full document: Care committed to me.  Delivering high quality, personalised palliative and end of life care for Gypsies and Travellers, LGBT people and people experiencing homelessness. A resource for commissioners, service providers and health, care and support staff.