Improving primary and community care

Realising the neighbourhood NHS: delivering a new deal for primary care in England | The Institute of Public Policy Research

This paper provides new evidence and ideas to improve the provision of primary and community care.  It argues there should be a ‘new deal’ for general practice which should consist of:

  • creating neighbourhood care providers to deliver the ‘neighbourhood NHS’
  • offering all GPs the right to NHS employment
  • reforming new GP roles to create career progression, time to care and realistic workload
  • a radical transformation of the primary care infrastructure.

General practice guidance: online appointments

Practice guidance: offering 25% of appointments online | NHS England | NHS Improvement 

This short guide contains hints, tips and case study experiences to support general practices to make sure that at least 25% of their appointments are available to book online. It includes a full list of the types of appointments to include, important things to consider and configuration hints and tips.

Full guide at NHS England

How to build effective teams in General Practice

This guide draws on insights from research, policy analysis and leadership practice to outline ways in which practices can create and sustain effective teams, as they come together to form primary care networks | The Kings Fund

The need for collaboration and communication underpins much of the guide and links to further reading and case studies to support each section are provided. The guide looks at the following questions:

  1. What are the fundamentals of effective teams?
  2. Which roles should you recruit?
  3. How can you make best use of new roles?
  4. How can teams communicate effectively?
  5. Do you need to re-design your physical space?
  6. How can you ensure supportive management and accountability?
  7. How can you work across organisations?
  8. How should you engage with your patients?
  9. How can you manage yourselves effectively?

Full document: How to build effective teams in general practice

Quality improvement in general practice

Quality improvement in general practice: what do GPs and practice managers think? | The Health Foundation

There is growing recognition of the importance of quality improvement in general practice. But what is the extent of knowledge and use of quality improvement tools and approaches in general practice across the UK?

This new report explores the level of quality improvement awareness, appetite and activity in general practice across the UK, through a survey of over 2,300 GPs and 1,400 practice managers, alongside qualitative interviews.

The report finds a high level of agreement from GPs and practice managers about what helps or hinders their work to improve quality. It also sets out how national and local system leaders can support those working in general practice to improve the quality of services they provide.

Full report: Quality improvement in general practice: what do GPs and practice managers think?

Delivering general practice with too few GPs

This briefing presents some ideas on how general practice can continue to be provided as the shortage of GPs becomes chronic | The Nuffield Trust

This briefing combines findings from a workshop with research evidence and specific examples of innovative practice around the country in order to identify generalisable lessons from current innovators and to outline the ways in which national and local policy can support new ways of delivering general practice.

Key messages:

  • Keep it local
    The design and delivery of new forms of general practice should take place at borough and network level so that services can be tailored to local contexts and the needs of practices and local populations.
  • Invest substantially in change
    A significant proportion of the £4.5 billion committed to general practice and primary care by 2020/21 should be set aside and sustained over several years to invest in capital and running costs and staff development.
  • Maintain realistic expectations about the pace of change that can be expected from a workforce under intense pressure

  • Ensure that high quality data is generated, collected and analysed

Full briefing: Rosen R (2019) Delivering general practice with too few GPs. |  Nuffield Trust




Delivering general practice with too few GPs | The Nuffield Trust

Supporting carers in general practice

This document offers a series of practical ideas that have been developed in partnership with carers, primary care teams and other key stakeholders. Collectively, these provide a framework for improving how general practice can better identify and support carers of all ages | NHS England | NHS Improvement

Within the NHS Long term Plan, the ambition for granting carers greater recognition and support so that their own health and wellbeing needs will be addressed is clear.

Image source:

This paper sets a clear ambition to:

  • improve carers’ health and promote positive wellbeing;
  • reduce carer crisis and family breakdown;
  • reduce unwarranted variations in carer support, and;
  • meet demand more appropriately and better manage demand on service.

The framework provides a range of practical actions grouped into themes that have been developed from carers, and their representatives, and focuses on key areas where the support offered to carers by general practice could be improved.

Full document: Supporting carers in general practice: a framework of quality markers

NHS WiFi now available to millions of patients


Free NHS WiFi is now available in 6,749 GP practices and 212 acute, mental health and community NHS Trusts across England, benefitting millions of patients.

95% of GP practices and 98% of NHS trusts are already connected with the remaining four trusts and ten CCGs all underway with their own procurements and set to be live this year. NHS Digital exceeded its target to have 95% coverage, by 31 March 2019, in GP practices and NHS trusts.

Full story at NHS Digital