How to set up and run a workplace exchange

This document sets out how to run a workplace exchange using the Wessex Exchange Model.  The model was developed to overcome challenges with fragmented working and ineffectual delegation of workload by building trust and relationships between professionals and creating time for professionals to find solutions mutually towards providing joined-up care for patients.

Full document: The Wessex Model – How to set up and run a workplace exchange | NHS England and NHS Improvement

Closer links between police and health services can improve experiences for people in mental health crisis

Tighter working partnerships between health professionals and police services are likely to improve the care of people who come into contact with police during mental health crises | National Institute for Health research


People experiencing severe mental health episodes can present with extreme and unpredictable behaviour posing a danger to themselves and members of the public. Police are often the first to respond in these challenging situations.

New models are emerging of mental health staff working with police. This NIHR-funded review found limited UK-relevant evidence of mixed quality. Studies showed different models in use, from police and mental health staff responding to incidents together to health staff in police control rooms providing support and advice. There was little evidence on which approaches work best, but some research suggested a reduction in formal detentions although there were few outcome data reported.

Research shows potential for improving health outcomes for individuals in crisis by ensuring they are diverted to appropriate services, and in helping direct the appropriate use of police and NHS resources.

Further detail at National Institute for Health Research

Full reference: Rodgers M, Thomas S, Dalton J, Harden M and Eastwood A. Police-related triage interventions for mental health-related incidents: a rapid evidence synthesis. Health Services and Delivery Research. 2019;7(20).

Professionalism and cultural transformation (PACT) toolkit

The Professionalism and Cultural Transformation (PACT) toolkit aims to educate and empower staff to improve professionalism within their workplace, helping organisations move towards making the NHS the best place to work | NHS Employers

The toolkit is based on tried and tested work undertaken by Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and is designed to help managers embed the PACT programme in their organisation. It contains practical information, advice and solutions to equip staff to deal with unprofessional attitudes and behaviours in the workplace.

The PACT programme has four steps which should be followed in sequence.

Step 1: Assess your current culture
Step 2: Determine levels of professionalism
Step 3: Action plan and management
Step 4: Evaluate

Full resource: Professionalism and Cultural Transformation (PACT) toolkit. A toolkit to support managers to improve professional attitudes and behaviours in the workplace